Measuring track width

(Blake sholders) #1

When you guys measure track width are you measuring from the edge of the contact patch or the edge of the tire? Whats the best way to do this by yourself? Pretty sure ive been doing this wrong for years.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #2

I measure from wheel rim to wheel rim through the axle when measuring the rear, and I measure the front using the spacers that I have.

(James McMahon) #3

Measure from rim to rim (or outermost part)

(Dan Dedering) #4

This is from CES rules of track width for sprint chassis specs.
3. Track width: 28.0 inches minimum. Track width may be measured from the outside edge of one tire to the inside edge of ( here track width is center to center of tires)
the opposite tire when both tires are of identical width.
4. Overall width: 55.125 inches maximum for all classes. Overall width is measured at any cross section of the kart,
perpendicular to the longitudinal centerline axis.

Guess it depends on what the measurement is being used for.
Is it for your own log book info?
Is it to meet tech per class and rules you are running?

(Blake sholders) #5

Thank you very much for the help guys! Its for my own log book, im setting the rear track at 54 inches. Running yamaha can

(Peter Zambos) #6

Though it’s easier, if not more accurate, to take the measurement with another set of hands, if by yourself, you could use a folding measuring stick run through the axle, bent at the beginning so that it catches the opposite side.