Mechanic Needed - USPKS New Castle, Sept. 15-18

Location: New Castle, IN
Price: negotiable

Details: Franklin Motorsports needs a dedicated mechanic/tuner for the upcoming USPKS race this weekend at New Castle.


  • Great team with a quality, professional tent program
  • Professional, fun, working atmosphere
  • We make/eat tacos on Friday
  • You get to be near me
  • You get to spend the weekend at the race track


  • None

You need to have experience and be competent with working on all aspects of the kart to make sure it’s ready for each session, and be able to fix potential damage. Also having your own tools is helpful.

I don’t know all the details of the job, I’m just the liaison because I’m active on KP. Interested parties can message me and I’ll put you in contact with the dudes at FMS.

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What about Saturday? Can :taco: be expected then too?

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Tacos is only a Friday thing unfortunately…

But you can be like me and eat 6 on Friday and hopefully that carries your craving through the weekend.

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Best Wanted Ad I have seen in a while. Tacos AND close to TJ? Does it get any better than that?

Another perk! I’ll of course be in the tent too, racing in the same class as the driver you’ll be working with, so you’ll get all my data! Ya know, if you’re curious what the speed trace of a 14th place kart looks like. :wink:

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Team Taco

A rebranding is in order

Would totally jump on this if I didn’t already have plans this weekend. Is remote work an option? :joy:

If you can change a bent steering shaft and eat a taco via Zoom, I think there are more lucrative opportunities for you out there.

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I saw no mention of beer…therefore I’m out.

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I thought that was implied, it’s a go-kart race! :beers:


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