Melons 24h iRacing 2022

They just announced the date for this year’s melons 24h, a Miata and Jetta endurance race, LOL. Basically a Lemon 24 iRacing version.

Anybody interested? Maybe it is time to reassemble the Kartpulse iRacing team.

Okayama Circuit (Full Course)
24h, 13:00 UTC race start (14:00 BST)
Global Mazda MX5
Volkswagen Jetta

Minimum iRating 1000
Minimum Safety Rating D4.0+

I’m considering it. Current Jetta driver.

No karting on the schedule so far

I’d be interested. Full disclosure, I’ve been driving Assetto Corso and Gran Turismo for a while. Just got iracing last week. But I’m willing to work at it to be ready by June.

I could attempt to learn a normal car for this if needed.

Sweet, glad people are interested in this. I guess I will wait till the end of week and do a poll to pick the car to get the team registered.

So we will need 4.0 road safety rating? I can do that maybe.

Correct, that’s my problem right now too, will need to work hard on it.

I guess I’ll buy that GT4 rhat Tj suggested and work on my rating. I am enjoying the 410 sprint car but it is really dead out there, participation-wise.

It looks like you need minimum of D4.0 license, not an overall safety rating of 4.0 in whatever license you’re in. They’re trying to weed out crashy drivers barely out of rookies.

Yep. That means C license minimum.

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Yes, you have a B license, so you’re way above D4.0.

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If you are racing, which car do you want to race in?

  • Global Mazda MX5
  • Volkswagen Jetta

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I have no problem with either car

So the website says mx5 entries are full. So I guess it’s the Jetta.

Apparently the confirmation email went to spam. I did register our team to Miata group last week.

911 is the car number

If you are going to join us, please DM me and I will send you the Discord link.