Metal or Plastic Rear Bumper?

Metal or Plastic Bumper?

Which do you prefer and why?

I prefer whatever comes on the kart.

Theoretically metal hoop is less drag, but you won’t pick up any time by switching.

In the US I don’t think you generally have much of a choice? It varies I;m sure, but it seems most clubs are now asking for full rear plastic bumpers.

For road racing I like the old school hoop that doesn’t cover the rear wheels, if you can run it. For sure WKA requires a full width bumper. CES might still allow the holder hoop bumper.

If you need to save weight and metal is an option… then you can go that way too.

Most places are still allowing metal full width hoops because MGM and a few others still sell new chassis with it. I forsee it going plastic only in the near future as some places are already taking steps to eliminate the “perceived advantage” of it.

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From a appearance standpoint the full plastic bumper looks more appropriate with the other body work. From a safety standpoint the full bumper that reduces the chance of wheels coming in contact is a good thing. There are full metal bumpers but most are plastic. Like a lot of things, your track will set rules that determine what you can run.