Metric Fastener Suppliers

Looking for an online supplier of good quality metric nuts and bolts that also have reasonable shipping rates. Thanks.

Use them for way to much stuff…


I was just looking at them yesterday for metric hardware, haha

i’ll check em out. do they have shcs with the safety wire holes in them? i need 'em for my 206 exhaust.

Safety lock socket head screws

They have everything!

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Aside from the safety wire drilled screws, I found my local True Value Hardware had a ton of Metric nuts, screws and fasteners available for the picking. No shipping required. Most of which were available in Stainless Steel. Mega Score!

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True Value, Ace, Tractor Supply, Fastenal, and Rural King are larger chains that will have a decent selection of metric.

Locally to me (Dayton, Ohio) we have K&N Fastner and Dayton Nut&Bolt also I often raid our local race team drawers when in an emergency. (Great selection, Low, Low, cost just dont get caught! Or your gonna end up having to do pitstops/races on memorial day weekend!)

P.s. Kevin would kill me for sharing photos of the hardware room being so messy! Its usually much better presented this must have been right after some crazy shop activity.

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Thanks. I would Never have thought a tractor supply would have metric. Fastenal cool but they close early. Rural King??? I guess they are not in the urban/suburban areas where I live(d). :smirk:

McMaster is the best, but if I need it right now my local Menards has a decent metric selection. Better than the other box stores by a long shot.


Metrics Unlimited, Warren, Michigan.

They only sell by the box of 100 or 1000 but they have excellent bolts and they are the cheapest source.

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Bolt Depot is great:

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Belmetric is my favorite for metric hardware, they have pretty much everything I need. You can buy how ever many you need unlike McMaster-Carr, and you get get price breaks at 25 pcs, 100 pcs, 500 pcs.

I also use Accu Co for some more specialty bolts. They have every metric bolt I’ve needed as long as it isn’t some crazy specialty fastener. But they’re in the UK so shipping is like $25 which really isn’t all that bad for shipping half way across the world in 2 days.

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