MG FZ vs. SM

At my track we run the MG SM for my class (x30 senior) and we’re paying the same price that everyone else is for the tires, roughly $250 a set. The shop on site has a lot of sets of FZ’s for $100 off and I’m debating buying a few sets just to train on for a few weeks. Obviously these aren’t legal race tires, but before I do, I’d like to know if it’s worth the extra savings. I’ve only been in the sport for about three months, so I’m still learning basic control skills. Will there be that much of a difference between the FZ and the SM for training?

I wouldnt do that. You have to adapt the setup and also the driving stile for the different tyres. And if you are going back you have to do it again. There wouldnt be any benfit.

At your stage I’d be buying used tyres at whatever they sell them in the states. Save a ton of money. Here poeple throw out tyres after big meetings and poeple literally just pick them up for free or for like $20 a go.

The fundamental aspects of how to drive a kart are almost completely disconnected with the concept of buying new tyres that are specific to your class. That only really becomes necessary at pretty high-level competition, and even then I can count on one hand the number of drivers who actually understand what the hell is going on from tyre to tyre.

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