MG rear rains on 7" wheel

Anyone run MG rains on a 7" rear wheel and do they work? or do you need 6" rears?

Really not interested in buying a rain setup but the forecast for this weekend is questionable and they will run rain or shine and in casually shopping and trying to convince myself to get them I realized almost all 6" rear wheel options are sold out anyhow right now leaving me not much choice.

Curious if it will work on a 7" wheel or if I should just continue my rain dance and concede that I’ll sit out if it’s wet

If its all you got and are just looking to have fun, mount them up and go for it. It will not handle like mounting them on 6.0’s, but for a “fun club race” you will be fine.

If it rains and you need 6" rears, you can borrow mine. I have multiple sets, I’ll bring them just in case. :beers:


Wow, thank you very much!

I’ll be there around 1:30-2pm today in the Franklin Motorsports tent. Stop by if you need them! It’s looking like it’ll be pretty damp all weekend…

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