MG red Tire manufacturer code, can that be converted to manufacturing date?


wondering if it is possible to convert the tire code printed on the side wall of the MG red tires.
Looking for date of manufacture. It is possible to do that on car dot tires, any chance to do that on gokart tires?

Hi Sven,

I have the same question :slight_smile:

Did you find a way to de-code?

I’m almost certain steps were taken by some manufacturers to make this difficult or even impossible due to “cherry picking”

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car and motorcycle racing tyres have the week and year as DOT code. So why not with karting

We’re comparing apples to sandpaper. Very different applications.

I karting it’s to prevent cherry picking. “Oh such and such batch is the one to have”. “Oh this was a bad batch”. Perception becomes reality, prices can go up in a secondary market for certain batches.

Vendors, distributors and manufacturers end up with excess inventory all because of perception. Of course, bad batches do happen… but it gets ambiguous in racing because tire issues can be as much down to conditions and setup as anything else.

See Burris 33’s for proof. People seek certain years on those.