MG Red Tyres

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking about visiting OKC in about 2 weeks. Wondering if anyone has any good tips on tire pressure when it comes to MG Reds. I know they are considered hard tires so curious what a good staring point for these. Especially for Orlando Karting Center.

If anyone has tips for Andersen that would be great too. Planning to hit that track in about a month or so.

I usually start around 12psi. At those tracks. At Andersen I use all the curbs. They’re smooth and really help get around the tight turns. Orlando’s curbs are bigger so I try to stay off them. Both tracks are a lot of fun. Orlando is cheaper and you get more track time. Bushnell is great too. I use the same set up as Andersen there. Just go up 3 teeth in the rear.

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12-15 is the normal cold pressure range.

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Agree with everyone here. And I think you can even go lower depending on track surface/grip level. Last time I ran Reds at GoPro, some friends and I were around 10psi cold and had good success.


I’d love to run that track. Maybe next year.

I recommend it to everyone. Short of proper race tracks for NASCAR/INDYCAR/F1 it’s probably the nicest facility you will visit.

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You ever run Homestead? Since Andersen is closed I may make my way down south for that one.

We having big local races at 103rd in Jacksonville. Last race was over 100 entries about 90 was 206 drivers.

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I have not. But I’ve heard good things. I know the class sizes are good. They’ve made good improvements lately to the track and owned by the same company as go pro motorplex. So it’s well run.