MG red vs Dunlop DFM?

I’m looking at getting some new tires for my Rotax Evo. I run both restricted and unrestricted depending on club. I’ve only used Dunlop DFMs.

Looking at getting MG RED. What are these tires like in comparison?

In my experience the MG Red’s old compound ( I believe that compounds have changed since the tyre contract from Karting Australia was given to Dunlop) would last a lot longer than DFM’s.

DFM’s on an abrasive track surface will last 2-3 meetings before you see canvas.
DFM’s wil drop off from mid way through their use and by see canvas, I mean actual canvas.
MG Reds would last 5-6 and be consistent throughout, I’ve never seen MG red canvas, even on really old tyres.
MG Reds used to be a fantastic tyre, if the compound is in any way similar to how they used to be they would be my choice.

The MG red and Dunlop DFM have different construction methods.
MG Reds have a square edge , contact patch construction and the Dunlops have a rounded contact patch. The difference between ) and ] .

these are my DFMs after about 200 km. However I was running an unrestricted senior max. Just ordered the MG reds just to try something different.

Even wear, looks like.

That sounds about right for DFM’s
We don’t run reds over in WA at the moment so I couldn’t comment on how they go in a high power class.