MG Reds in LO206

So I just ordered a set of Vega Reds and I wanted to also buy a set of MG Reds but TS Racing, Point Karting, and Comet doesn’t have any listed on their website.

Is this a Covid supply issue or has anyone heard anything? Depending on the series I run, I’d have to switch between brands. Only place I found them offered was at Acceleration Karting but the shipping would be steep going from west coast to the east coast.

I see them listed on Comets website. Could also check with Franklin Motorsports

LMK how you feel about reds on the LO. I suspect that’s gonna be a ton of grip. Curious if too much.

I tried yellows on a rental kart once and I had it pinned through all corners.

Myles/Dan- Wow, how’d I miss that? :rofl:

Reds are required per the rulebook at all the Lo206 race series we have nearby. I can use Yellows at my local, as they are pretty laxed, but thats about it.

CKNA is sponsored by Vega
SSKC is sponsored by MG

Thats why I need tires from both manufacturers. If I want to run in Maxxis then I’d need a 3rd set, but I don’t run the Maxxis series.

For mg reds I get them from Precision Performance Karting, Morne Van Taak(VTM Racing) or Kart Rising(Shop at Andersen RacePark). Look em up on Facebook, they’re all good people. PPK is probably the cheapest.

Also in my experience mg red has always been faster than the Vegas

Ts Racing stopped selling mg’s as they are now THE importer for vega

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PPK is usually at all ckna south events and sskc events so you’ll save on shipping too

I was wondering what happen with TS Racing . . . that makes sense.

My local track (Lafayette Motorsports Park) runs the MG tires and has them in stock, I don’t think we have experienced any supply issues this season but as we approach the end of the season they like to let supplies dwindle. Not sure they would ship them but this is the website:

most tracks also probably sell them

NFKC is running Vega reds now as there spec tire

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I was at my local on Sunday and the track owner to putting up his MG Tire Banners all up and down pit row. I guess he had been asking Vega for promotional material/ banners and Vega promised a few times over that they would get some to them, but they never followed through (Maybe getting snubbed as they’re an MG dealer). Track owner was putting the MG Tire banners out prior to CKNA (A Vega Sponsored Event), laughing saying “This should get their attention.”

We all got a good laugh out of it. :rofl:

Don’t piss off the French, lol.

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MG does a good job of making tires that have grip but don’t lock down the kart. We ran Yellows in 206 Sportsman at Buckeye Karting Challenge since it was open tire. We tried Hoosier R60A’s for the first event and couldn’t free up the kart enough. Yellows worked great all season after that.

I ran MG Reds at Stars Championship Series New Castle in 206, and the tire worked well. The kart was set up super funky, so much grip in it that the inside rear kept hopping. The entire rear end felt like it was jumping up and down so aggressively. It worked though, I could drive into the corners harder than anyone else and still pulled out equal to or better than the rest of the field.

They make harder tires that aren’t uncommon for club races, haven’t tried those yet but people like them from what I hear. The Orange will last a whole season just about, Blues will go even longer. I remember someone tested Oranges versus Reds at Badger one time, the Oranges were skating everywhere and about 2 seconds slower

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We had an unreasonably cold track day a few weeks back and the field was split, half on MG Yellows and the other half on Vega Reds. The guys on MG Yellows were all over the place and not just sliding, but spinning under even very low speeds (5-6mph). I thought that was strange because I assumed they’d been better/ stickier than our Vega Reds, but we were gripped up just fine after the first lap. :man_shrugging:

Haven’t been karting long enough to pick a side in the civil war between the two tire companies, I’ll run on either and be happy so long as I’m racing and not stuck at work, lol.

Sorry to bring back an old post, but we had almost this same experience yesterday at Sugar River Raceway for the Cal Stewart Winter Race. We were on MG Reds. Most the field had on Vega Reds (a few on Hoosier R60 that ran well). Air Temp was about 38 during the day and 34 at feature time. In the heat race, my son spun pulling out of the pits because he actually spun the tires. Haven’t really seen that in a 206. He couldn’t even push much on the warm up laps because he was sliding so bad. It was a bummer of a day as he was sliding around a lot, all day. To me, the Vega Red is a much better tire than the MG, at least in the cold weather.

Yes the Vega red is much softer than the MG Red and will give more grip in any conditions.

Thanks for the reply Nagisa. I am aware that the Vega red is 52 duro and the MG red is 56. I guess my original point/question is that does the cold weather affect the MG tire in general more so than the Vega. The previous post from Dean Teter above actually says that the guys running MG yellow (which is 50 Duro) were sliding worse than the guys on Vega Reds in cold weather. This to me makes it seam that the composition of the MG tire is affected by temperature more than the Vega. I guess thankfully we run in decent temps most of the time and the race yesterday was an outlier.

in the end… just trying to rationalize why we sucked so bad yesterday, lol…

Just making an assumption here but since the vega is “natural” rubber and the MG is more “synthetic” rubber there could be some of this coming in to play. :man_shrugging:

I’m a sales guy and a racer. Not an engineer…

I chickened out on the Sugar River race when it looked like rain.


Could it be as simple as all the tires there lost grip with the cold and the other driver’s found the limit more safely? Spinning in the pits is a pretty major sign that the driver was surprised at the loss of grip.

I recently went out on a cold morning on MG Reds in 206Sr just because I have a race in February and wanted to see what the high 30s felt like for the tires. Like you said, it was the first time I’ve had to be so careful with the throttle on corner exit. It reminded me of when I drove a friend’s X30 for the first time, just at a much slower speed, haha. It was actually pretty fun, but admittedly I had no pressure on me like a race. The point of this story is that I was able to very carefully build heat in the tires and get them to where I was fairly stable. I was a few seconds off pace, but a large part of that is a setup and tire issue I am fighting through, not related. Still, the tires were capable of building heat, just very, very carefully.

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