MG Reds in LO206

So I just ordered a set of Vega Reds and I wanted to also buy a set of MG Reds but TS Racing, Point Karting, and Comet doesn’t have any listed on their website.

Is this a Covid supply issue or has anyone heard anything? Depending on the series I run, I’d have to switch between brands. Only place I found them offered was at Acceleration Karting but the shipping would be steep going from west coast to the east coast.

I see them listed on Comets website. Could also check with Franklin Motorsports

LMK how you feel about reds on the LO. I suspect that’s gonna be a ton of grip. Curious if too much.

I tried yellows on a rental kart once and I had it pinned through all corners.

Myles/Dan- Wow, how’d I miss that? :rofl:

Reds are required per the rulebook at all the Lo206 race series we have nearby. I can use Yellows at my local, as they are pretty laxed, but thats about it.

CKNA is sponsored by Vega
SSKC is sponsored by MG

Thats why I need tires from both manufacturers. If I want to run in Maxxis then I’d need a 3rd set, but I don’t run the Maxxis series.

For mg reds I get them from Precision Performance Karting, Morne Van Taak(VTM Racing) or Kart Rising(Shop at Andersen RacePark). Look em up on Facebook, they’re all good people. PPK is probably the cheapest.

Also in my experience mg red has always been faster than the Vegas

Ts Racing stopped selling mg’s as they are now THE importer for vega

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PPK is usually at all ckna south events and sskc events so you’ll save on shipping too

I was wondering what happen with TS Racing . . . that makes sense.

My local track (Lafayette Motorsports Park) runs the MG tires and has them in stock, I don’t think we have experienced any supply issues this season but as we approach the end of the season they like to let supplies dwindle. Not sure they would ship them but this is the website:

most tracks also probably sell them