Has anyone got experience with Mojo D2s. I’ve been running MG yellows on my Rotax Max EVO and I’ve always wanted to try them.

Are they quicker? What about longevity? I heard they have a quicker drop off time than the MGs.

D2s are a great tyre, good for couple of hundred laps or so. But they’re superseded by D5s, similar longevity but they grip like chewing gum.

Dunno how they compare to MGs, Mojo are used in Rotax series - they use a new tyre set each race.

If your using mg yellow, you will be 1 second a lap slower on the d2 , they are a great control tyre but on the hard side. The drop off on the d2 is slow probably at 125 laps but they don’t become unusable like some tires . You just lose grip around. You may loose another second a lap but still drivable.