Mikuni carb identification

Could anyone help me identify this Mikuni? I’ve trued googling both numbers to no avail. Trying to locate a rebuild kit

Can you post a pic or two of the entire carb as well?

That would probably help lol Motor is a yz80

Still looking for help if anyone knows this carb

This might help

Looks a lot like a TM34 or 32. That seem big for an 80, but I don’t know anything certain about that.

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I know the CR80 typically ran a 28mm carb. Would say this is what you have. Not sure what to make of the stamped numbers, from a builder or insert perhaps.

You could probably safely order parts based on the 28mm model.

In the link I put up there are pics of different models and measurements. That might narrow it down a bit. I am not sure if all TM34’s looked the same. For example the TM28 appears to have a different choke style in the pic on that site. Then I have seen reference to TM’s and TMX’s - no ideas what the difference is. Funny thing is no where in the chart is bore size listed, you would think that would be a decisive dimension.

Seems like an 80 shifter would be fun.

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