Mikuni carb identification

Could anyone help me identify this Mikuni? I’ve trued googling both numbers to no avail. Trying to locate a rebuild kit

Can you post a pic or two of the entire carb as well?

That would probably help lol Motor is a yz80

Still looking for help if anyone knows this carb

This might help

Looks a lot like a TM34 or 32. That seem big for an 80, but I don’t know anything certain about that.

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I know the CR80 typically ran a 28mm carb. Would say this is what you have. Not sure what to make of the stamped numbers, from a builder or insert perhaps.

You could probably safely order parts based on the 28mm model.

In the link I put up there are pics of different models and measurements. That might narrow it down a bit. I am not sure if all TM34’s looked the same. For example the TM28 appears to have a different choke style in the pic on that site. Then I have seen reference to TM’s and TMX’s - no ideas what the difference is. Funny thing is no where in the chart is bore size listed, you would think that would be a decisive dimension.

Seems like an 80 shifter would be fun.

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So, after stashing the kart away for other projects, I pulled it back out and measured the carb inlet on the engine side and it is indeed 28mm ID, however I’m confused by my choke style. Going off the chart below, it would appear I have a VM28-418 however the choke style on the VM28 is a lever-type whereas mine is a pull-type as seen in the original photos I took. I tried searching for a tech support email for Mikuni but came up short. If anyone can help identify this or point me to somewhere that can, I would GREATLY appreciate it