Mill-Rite Shootout $$ Race - Badger Kart Club Wisconsin

It’s going to be a busy summer at Mill-Rite Raceway. In addition to our 14 club races that see between 100-150 entries per weekend, we are hosting:

USPKS in June
RTE66 in September
Dairyland Enduro in August
Thor’s Throwdown (4 cycle $ race) in October

And now this!


That’s a great schedule! What is the weekly practice schedule at the track John?

Updated the topic title to add that it’s at Badger and State…

Wednesday to Saturday 9am-7pm

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Being the event is scheduled week prior to USPKS, this could be a huge turn out. Great scheduling by the club. Win - Win for everyone. :checkered_flag::+1:

Wow that’s a lot of track time! What do they charge for practice?

Ok so what’s “Racing for the Sword”?


It depends on the day and if you’re a member. Wednesday and Thursday is $15 for member and $30 for non-member.

Friday and Saturday (we are open Saturdays prior to a club race) it’s $30 and $60.


Their is a traveling trophy, know as the sword, that has been around for some time. It doesn’t get “raced for” every year. Only gets brought out occasionally. Awarded in the KA Senior Class.

Some past winners:
Jamie Sieracki
Shinya Michimi
Jimmy Clark
Joel Jens
Kyle Kalish
Lillian Kearney
Josh Hotz
Brandon Lemke

I may be missing a few as well.

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Any more info about Dairyland Enduro 2024? Cannot find much info about it.

That’s an udderly charming name for a race.

Jeremy- Should be similar to the last few years.

Briggs 206 junior class
Briggs 206 senior class

8 hours race

Tire, fuel, driver rules will all be announced in he next month or so.

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Hey Jeremy,

Creator of the Dairyland Enduro here! The race is an 8 hour enduro event utilizing the Briggs 206 engine rules. General rules are you have to have a 3 person team MINIMUM, with no maximum amount of members. We have a maximum fuel per pit stop requirements to keep it competitive and use the Hoosier R70 tire (provided in the entry fee). Additional rules and information will follow soon! If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s a really fun event and the last few years has seen 400+ laps turned!

Will there potentially have a heavy class? We have been talking about this race for a while, but racing in senior class is a little bit less motivating.

Have me as a teammate, maybe they’ll average our weights together :joy:

We need a facepalm emoji…


My claims to fame in my quest for the sword over the years includes:

  • making it three wide into T1 at Road America on the start, crashing out of the top five immediately

  • using tire warmers to superheat our tires for the 30 degree track temps, but it was so cold we couldn’t keep the heat in once we were on track so the tires got colder and colder every lap and we were barely keeping it on the road at the end

  • my neck giving out running 3rd when I first semi-retired from driving

Others I’m sure. Always a fun event and super competitive.


Hahaha, deal, need Jarret to break out retirement to even it out little bit more.

Wes - anywhere to keep tabs on this? We’ve been looking for a mid season enduro of substance to maybe road trip for. Love Badger and racing trips to the land of Cheese - this could be one for the calendar! :smiley:

Most of our communication is via social media. We will also have an updated website for the 2024 event in the near future.

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