Millrite raceway OTK setup?

Hi all,

What’s a good baseline setup for Millrite raceway for an OTK chassis. I’ll be racing in the Ka100 sr class at in the route66 sprint series.

I’ve never been to the track before and im looking for a good starter point.

Just start with neutral everything. That’s what I’ve been running all year and now that there is a bit of rubber down, the kart feels nearly perfect.

My current setup at Badger is:
1390mm rear track
1 big spacer in front
1/2 positive caster
neutral camber
flat front bar
N axle
high rear ride height
neutral front ride height
1 seat strut per side
Tillett T11 VG seat set 10mm forward from OTK chart and halfway between the frame rails in height
18-19 psi on MG Reds
AMV 3F wheels

So a couple little driver preference things but otherwise totally stock.

I’ll be there in KA too for Route.


Thanks TJ for the information!

Have you tried an H axle there for when the track grips up to free the kart more or do you mainly run the N there?

Nice, hopefully the weather will be good next weekend. See you at the track.

The H might be an option by Sunday, but given the newly paved surface, I don’t know how much rubber it’ll take with the MGs. The Vegas from Cup Karts laid down some nice grippy rubber but even with that I still was very much in the N range. Most of that Vega rubber has washed off now.

Badger never really gets super grippy, except the last two corners which have Rhino liner on them. The rest of the track stays pretty low-medium grip overall. I can’t remember the last time I ran an H axle there, even for big events.

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Hmm i see, thanks for the quick reply!


I’m still learning the OTK “language” coming from a Comp Kart. Is 1/2 Positive Caster a centered pill on bottom and the standard eccentric on top with the kingpin leaning towards the back of the kart?

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Correct. :+1:t3:

20 char

here comes captain confusion again…

I thought if you wanted to go positive caster from the baseline setup (standard eccentrics both arrows forward) you had to put the centering pill in the top?

We discussed in PM already, but to clarify for others reading this thread;

Positive caster is top of kingpin leaned back.
Positive camber is top of kingpin leaned out.

In karting, we largely live in the negative camber zone at almost all times, so it can be confusing when people discuss ‘more’ or ‘less’ camber. Usually people say “more negative camber” which really doesn’t make sense when you think about it…