Mix matching kart tires for practice?

(Blake sholders) #1

Anyone see any harm in doing this? Ive got 3 Bridgestone ylc’s and a ylb i plan on sticking on the rf just for pre season practice. Probably a stupid topic to start but i really dont want to waste my brand new ylc’s just to shake down the kart here in a few weeks. From what ive read the ylb is a softer tire than the ylc but they both have a durometer reading of 10? Will this throw my setup off when i put the new set on?

(Daniel Agee) #2

If you’re just trying to shake down the kart, there’s no harm in running a different tire. You’re not going to gain any valuable data on setups or what not, but certainly no harm in turning some laps on old rubber.

(Joseph Costanza) #3

I’m kind of doing the same thing to break in my engine and turn some laps; used Bridgestone ylcs in back and unknown Dunlop’s up front… burn em off!

(Chris Kutscher) #4

I think you’ll be fine as long as you understand you shouldn’t use that practice time to take feedback on chassis setup or make any changes to the chassis based on how the kart drives.

(TJ Koyen) #5

The B is a fair bit softer. Just to plod around and break stuff in is fine, but any tuning should be saved for having consistent tires.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #6

Tuning on mixed tires doesn’t help, because you don’t race on mixed tires.
Pretty much everything above. :wink: