Mix-matching rims? anyone experiment around with this?

just wondering if anyone has, for instance, on a left hand heavy course, tried anything like run aluminim rims on one side, mags on the other, stuff like that. i know most events or clubs usually just specify a tire, so it seems like you have the option to mix things up, rim-wise if you want.

Not rims but I know a top driver who runs asymmetric set ups. I also watched one kid who was at the front of a top-level race have one of his rear rums come in a far amount and was setting purple sectors.

So it’s definitely worth giving anything go because you never know.

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That’s an interesting idea and I wish I could play with that in sim.

For what it’s worth, I cannot stagger tire pressures sufficiently to offset very tight short tracks. I think I would need to alter the left side hubs.

Seems like it could potentially be an effective tool to me if you had enough practice time in order to dial in the corresponding staggered PSIs.

Though, from what I understand, staggering pressures with the same wheels all around achieves pretty much the same thing.

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I have thought about trying this. At my local track there are two right handers that are relatively low speed and tight. I thought about running the left rear hub slightly further narrower than the right to see if it would add more bite. The first right is a narrow hairpin before a chicane. The second is the first half of a S before you enter the main straight. Both are critical to keep up momentum out of.

I have currently raced on a set of Douglas Mxc and Swift front wheels.
kart handled well under pressure.

Not the same but I participate in an odd race series where they put lecont reds on fronts and hard rentals in the rear. Lo206 style karts. Very entertaining.

i’ve done this, and my kart is currently still set up this way, because the two tracks i frequent most are left hand heavy. back right has, if i remember correctly, about a half inch spacer in it. last race i was about 3 tenths off first place, and right there in times with P2 and P3 at MCC.

as was mentioned, adjusting air pressures could probably give the same effect, now that i think about it.

probably would still be interesting to test out, though.

I assume you would go up on starting pressure to get a little more heat in the tire? For me, the rear left rear wants to slide out on these two tight turns. The only other right hander on the course is the first turn of the chicane and the tire doesn’t slide through there. In the first S turn it doesn’t always slide, but if you push it a little too hard it does. It is not a flowing S, its literally 2 back to back 90 degree turns and onto the main straight.

In the past on the Evinco Reds, my starting pressures could all be equal and my hot temp pressures would all be super close when checked right after coming off track. Now I have noticed on the Evinco Blues that my left side tires will measure a half psi lower than the other two. At my last race I was playing with the pressure stagger a bit and it did help some, but wasn’t a full fledge fix I was looking for.

I, very often, run asymetric set-ups, but have never varied rims L-R. Now, front to back I have seen differences. I know a feature at the CKNA grands was won on aluminum fronts and MXC rears a few years back.

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We had a topic about this somewhere but I can’t find it.

I have fun mix-matched rim sets before, but generally it was a band-aid for larger handling problems. It’s a valid idea though, if you’re struggling to manage or build heat on one end of the kart or the other and if the rest of the balance is good.

I would be curious how an asymmetrical wheel setup would work on certain tracks one tire takes most of the abuse… Might be worth a test.

Was it this topic?

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we need an iracing karting model. I would pay $100 at least for a super realistic ka100 or x30 model.

I agree. It’s my dream that someday iracing acquires kk. That being said, I dont think that’s possible as iracing and kk are two different things from a programming type perspective, I think.

i just want somewhere to practice where i dont have to spend $100+ just to get some laps in.

Well I do love my KartKraft time trial. It’s not perfect but it seems to work for me as a training playground.

man, that’s a bummer. 2 of my local tracks, you give 'em $20 and you can practice all day. the third one, probably more around where you’re having to pay.

It’s not quite as good but the kart mod vehicle in Live for Speed is enjoyable.

I setup a server for it. Imaginatively called “kartpulse - karting server” or something like that.

I’ve stopped using KK out of principle at this point. Too many broken promises over the course of twelve or so years. Finding my setup stuff was totally gone last time I loading it up was the final straw.


Our track in Jacksonville, Florida doesn’t cost you anything. Open 7 days a week from sunrise to sunset unless we are doing a club race, regional or national event.

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