Mix oil for Briggs 206?

When I bought my engine, it was sold with Red Line 20WT race motor oil.

I’m changing over to Briggs 4T racing oil.

I still have four ounces of the Red Line.

Can I mix it with the Briggs (10oz) or should I toss the Red Line oil?

I wouldn’t mix, especially with such a small amount. Put it in your lawn mower if you want to use it up.

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I’ve mixed oil before, not a huge deal. I try to avoid it, but I’ve never seen anything adverse by doing it once or twice. As long as they’re the same grade of oil like 0w20 and 0w20.

I wouldn’t. Different race oils use different base materials and some are not compatible. I don’t know Redline but for4 oz it’s not worth it.

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Generally it’s best not to mix without flushing. It’s going to depend on the composition of the oils. I would imagine (for example) swapping a PAG with say 4t would be a bit sketchy. Others maybe not so much. It’s one of those things that there’s not a lot of data on, so it’s good to CYA with a flush.

Thank you. I will not mix the oils. A friend runs the Red Line, I’ll give him the remnants.