Mixing 2 stroke oil

Yes, I know it’s a big no-no, hear me out. I have about a gallon or two of fuel mixed with elf htx 976+, it is impossible to source apparently. I dont want to waste a gallon of fuel because of how expensive the fuel and oil is so could I mix the oil with elf htx 909?

I honestly have no clue but it sounds like a fraught idea so I’m getting the popcorn ready :popcorn:

You could keep the fuel with HTX 976+ in your tank and the fuel with the 909 in your fuel jug, burn one up first and then the other?

Yeah looking like I’ll just get the 976 as low as possible then just mix in the 909. I usually dont like going out with partial tanks road racing since the kz likes to eat fuel though.

So use it for testing or qual.

Ask Elf if it’s OK to mix them or have you already asked?