Mixing c12 with 94? Bad?

Hey guys, around here at my local track been hearing guys mixing their race fuel with pump gas?

I have a cr125 and been running exclusively c12 but if i can mix with 94octane that would be nice.

Guys here are mixing 80%c12 20%94.
Ive heard even doing 50:50.

Im running mostly just recreational use. Maybe once the season starts maybe get into a race or two but mostly for fun. C12 aint cheap where im at. 5Gallons at $180 CAD is steep.

If you’re not running in a race, you can get away with running straight pump gas if you’re concerned with cost. However, when you go to run a race, you’ll want to make sure you are compliant with the rules, and that might involve cleaning out your fuel tank. I’ve only ran race fuel, but I don’t mix anything except for oil with it.

Are there any racing fuel suppliers or pumps around you? You might be able to find a place that sells higher octane gas for snowmobile use.

If your CR is modified I’d keep as much C12 (or other racing fuel) in there as possible as a CYA. If you have to use pump gas, ideally try to use something that is ethanol free.

Organizations run race gas for consistency in testing, not because it’s necessarily required for the engines to run properly. Additive packages and ethanol content in pump gas isn’t consistent and that makes testing for compliance on pump gas nearly impossible.

That said, some classes where you can adjust timing on the engines to be really aggressive and still within the rules…will have the potential to cause detonation with pump gas if the timing is set this way. If the engine was built by a “builder” call them and ask their opinion.

When we ran Yamaha’s we ran pump gas pretty much exclusively in testing and the motors actually ran better on pump gas than they did on race gas. I’ve run a mix of pump and race gas in my KA100 as well without hurting anything. I’d guess you’d be ok, esp at an 80/20 mix but again, a quick call to a builder would probably put that question to rest for you with confidence.

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I have access to c12, and highest octane fuel i can get is 94 which has no ethanol here.

I only ask as this could be a cost saving for me though not that huge but this isnt a cheap sport either lol