Mixing Fuel - What’s Your Process?

As I start to plan to run the KA100 I’m looking for the best way to mix and store fuel.

I have heard fuel is not good to keep mixed for long periods so looking for ideas on how you are storing and mixing fuel?

For long term storage ideally you want a sealed, metal container vs the plastic types we tend to keep trackside. The plastic ones are porous and allow sunlight in.

Fresh fuel for the race is always best practice of course, but you should still keep any fuel you plan re-using in a sealed container.

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What do you consider a “long period” for storage? I would recommend not using fuel mixed and stored over winter, but within your season you should be okay.

Some guys will buy a 5 gallon jug of race gas and mix the entire amount since it is a measured amount. I tend to break that down and mix about 1 to 11/2 gallons at a time using a accumix jug. I will store excess in a 5 gallon race fuel jug like this:
VP Racing Fuels 3512 Motorsport 5 Gallon Square Plastic Utility Jug Red


Anything beyond the race weekend I keep the fuel in a steel can until it’s needed again.

Might be overkill though.

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What’s leftover fuel?

Sincerely, a guy with a thirsty shifter…

Seriously, I don’t sweat it if I’m using it within a few weeks. Give her a shake and fill her up.

Typically, we do community fuel in my group and just all use out of all jugs and we normally go home empty.

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If you use pump gas and just mix 2-8 ounces per gallon of oil in it, just pour any leftover fuel in your car’s tank at the end of each day. You want fresh gasoline every day.

I would recommend not putting 2 stroke oil in your car or truck. Unless it’s a vintage unit. There is not enough savings in the small quantity of fuel to make it worth the risk. Run a few more laps in the kart and enjoy it.

My dad melted the catalytic converter in his truck once on the way to a race because he put too much leftover race gas in the tank.

I put a small amount in my Cadillac last winter just to get rid of it, even on a nearly full tank it stumbled for two days and threw a CEL.

I’m amazed you ever got to any races, TJ. That’s the second truck destruction story!

There are literally more truck breakdown stories than I can remember.

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned the one where our F-150 rear end and fuel pump died the moment we turned the truck off in the Daytona parking lot after driving 24 hours straight. And then when we got home from that weekend, our furnace in our house had gone out, which isn’t ideal in the dead of Wisconsin winter. Could see our breath indoors.

Left over fuel for the generator, seems to work great.

TJ, leaded racing gas will foul oxygen sensors and cause catalytic fires.

93 plus oil hasn’t caused any engine issues for me.

Pour as much as you want in your truck! I know I won’t. This last truck cost more than all of vehicle I owned in my first 35 years of life. It’s not worth it. As mentioned burn it in genny. Last thing I need is mixed gas in my truck. What do you think would happen if your fuel died (For any reason) and the dealer drops the tank and finds the fuel is red, or blue or whatever flavour your oil Is? No warranty. They would love for that repair and everyone repair to be customer paid and not making peanuts from warranty. Not worth it to me. Plus as TJ pointed out, if your truck doesn’t make it to the track you can’t go racing. Regardless of what caused it or pays for the repair.

Riddle me this Batman . . .

Those VP race fuel cans, once opened, if you don’t use up the entire amount; whats the recommended shelf life before its considered no bueno?

I can’t find one for VP but Sunoco states it can last up to 2 years in their can so I take it opened and stored in a controlled environment about 1 year

Old fuel works great in the old throttle body injection C1500. But then it has no cats and really no computer as such.