MM<>Inch and more!

Convert MM to Inch or Inch to MM. Start with any increment you want, step by any number you want. For all us old guys who still don’t understand inch <> metric conversion. lol. Enter M for metric to inch, D for inch to metric.

If you just type the desired conversion directly into Google it often gives what you need. Not confined to just one table or units either. It will do this sort of thing:

.040" per mm is the easy rounded off number for math in your head conversions on mm to inches. Now with a calculator & internet on every phone it’s pretty convenient.

As much as the metric system was rejected in the U.S. it is a good system once embraced. Mixing oil to fuel by any ratio is easier, measuring bolts is easier and on and on.

it is pretty cool what’s hidden away in Google.
I do love me a good spreadsheet though.

Well, you are absolutely right, Google has all the information you could ever want, even information you didn’t know you wanted, if you can find it.
What I’m hearing from you is; there is no need for this, rather simple to use, metric <> decimal spreadsheet.

That’s only assuming folks know that google does this. I didn’t.

There’s a place for both methods. Google (esp via your phone’s built-in search) is great for a quick, single conversion. A spreadsheet will work better if you’re look for a range of numbers to display at a glance for quick reference.

Third option is a dedicated conversion app on your phone…