Modifying 07 Leopard

Hi all, quick question, seeing as they seem to be popular over there thought I’d ask here.

I have an 07 Leopard, well, It’s actually a Chinese copy called a Cheetah but it’s near as identical so nevermind.

The kart is almost ready, so time to look to building the engine up. Direct Drive, No clutch. PVL Ignition, No CDI, No rev limit. Currently have an X30 Exhaust for it as it cost me a tenner! Now the next decision is what carb?

Tilly HL360 seems to be a common 24mm carb, but as i don’t need to conform to any regs, I’m leaning towards the Tilly HW27 (Or the tryton) from an X30. Does anyone have any experience of playing with bigger carbs on a Leopard? Can’t go any bigger than 27 as the reed block (?) is 27mm so no point. I don’t want it to be a top end engine with no guts down low, but having never drive one i don’t know if they’re under carb’d out of the box? Thoughts? Experiences?

Cheers, Thomas…

For what it’s worth, I think I’d look at head volume/compression before swapping the carb. Especially if you’re concerned about bottom-end response.

Upping the compression will probably bring the overrev down but give more punch out of the turns.

Grab a used head and have someone machine it. I can’t remeber what we reduce the cylinder volume to unfortunately.

The stock carb was a Tillotson HL334AB. I have seen some series allow the HL360 as well. Looking at the specs for those two, they appear to be the same on the casting only machined with a different venturi (opening). As for the HW27, I am not sure it would mate up to the older block. There is a company here that is well know for Carb Knowledge. EC Carburetors They do a lot of modifications and Blue Printing work for several race series. You could contact them about what would be your best options.

With direct drive you may want to keep it stock so it’ll start more easily and pull well out of turns.