Modular seats

I just got a X Seat, size 5. It fits me better in the hips than the G Seat that was in it. The problem with the new seat is that I dont think I can center it on the steering column without having it run into the clutch. Can’t move the motor over because the rear sprocket will hit the frame. What to do?
Do I return the new seat, before I start putting holes in it? Put the old seat back in, because it does work for now? Find a different seat that fits me better, but still works with the 206 clutch placement?

I’m being told that the Ribtech seat is on the way out and local dealers are not carrying it, so I cant try it on for fit. Where can I try one around Boston? Its just so expensive to just order and hope it works.

You should be able to slide the motor further to the outside of the chassis for clutch clearance. You don’t want the seat perfectly centered, it should follow the line of the steering column/tank slightly off center to compensate for engine weight. Give me a call if you need any help sounds like we are close by and will be racing together shortly. I’d be more than happy to help you out. 978 204 7458z

Yeah you’ll find the seat is nearly always offset at the brackets.

You might be able to find a used ribtect seat too. I know some people love them.

Thanks Rick. I think I’m going to put the original seat back in since I have a few other things to do get done before Saturday and the seat does work for me at the moment. I understand the seat is meant to be offset, but this is looking like a couple more inches than the original seat.

I can move the engine to the outside some by flipping the clutch and running the chain on the seat side. Is that normally done? Right now the chain is on the engine side. I also do not like the idea of moving the engine over another inch and the motor mount already looks like it is at the extreme of the outside. I can’t move the rear sprocket over, it’s already within a 1/8" of the frame rail. I think this is something to tackle on an off weekend starting Saturday morning.

Anyone have a used Ribtect seat, size LT, they are looking to get rid of?

I’ll be there on Saturday (World Formula #12) Come find me and I’ll give you a hand.

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Done many times, people say running the clutch flipped is actually even better. Something to do with cooling.

I can see having the clutch further from the motor will help with cooling. The previous owner even put a few speed holes in the chain guard to let more air pass through. I’ll leave the clutch as it is then and see what I can do with the seat.

Started another thread on making a seat, if any one is interested.

Hey sorry for the slow reply I kept forgetting to look at my vest, it’s a 42.

Hey @Nevinear, thanks for the reply. I picked up an Alplinestars protector this week at a shop. Still thinking about the sit.

We bought a Nek seat. We run a 2017 Ionic Edge in the 206 class. Ran a tillet soft seat on it before. It is way more flex then the tillet soft. It really freed the kart up. So much so that we have to run the rear bumper tight. If we run it loose. The kart is loose on entry. It really brought the chassis to life.