Modular seats

Anyone have experience with any of the modular seats (Jecko, Nek, Imaf)? Or opinions. Driver comfort seems to be the biggest advantage over the typical Tillet style. I’m curious to know what anyone thinks after switching.

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following as I would likento here as well

No experience either, interested to see what people have to say about them.

I’m not sure if the Ribtect is modular like you mentioned but it does look like the Imaf ones. I switched to it after having back pain so bad that I was worried I’d have to not kart or at least go down to a less grippy/slower class. Basically I’d go out for my first session and at some point mid corner I’d feel a nasty pop and then my back would hurt for days, I’m only 31 by the way, not old enough to have these problems! I had a Tillet that was admittedly a little too tight on me and then went to the Ribtect Large/Tall seat. No pain anymore!

I’m 6’0" ~190lbs but I have a really long torso and short legs, pretty much the worst for karting, I’m top heavy! :joy: The Ribtect supports my upper body much much more, I honestly think I’m faster now since I’m not worried about getting beat up.

Anyway, I also took my time to mount it very carefully and have had no issues since. This is all based on running a Stock Honda Shifter at road courses like Summit Pt Shenandoah and Grattan (both quite bumpy and rough!).

No, I’d put seats like Ribtect and Deep Seat into a 3rd separate category of seats altogether. There is very little info about the new modular style seats.

To clarify a bit on what Morgan is referring to as a “modular seat”, here’s some photos of the Jecko:

… and similarly, here’s the Nek Seat:

I ran an NEK in a DR Kart at the Summernats at Newcastle in 2015. Really liked the seat, though I’m not sure NCMP is really the best proving ground given how easy the track is physically. I don’t recall having any issues with comfort, and it worked well with the kart in terms of chassis balance. This style of seat seems a bit taller than the standard shape seats, so it would likely benefit anyone looking for a bit more upper body support.

I ran a Jecko for one race last year. I loved the leg support. Its definitely taller than an IMAF, actually too tall for me. I also wonder if the height of the seat should have been taken into account when mounting. I have to have my seat high because I’m short and the whole kart seems a little off compared to the race before. It also felt a little bit stiffer than an IMAF F6 Silver. The edge of the seat also doesn’t play nice with a stock moto. A little bit more work on my end or possibly of of their smaller sizes and I bet I would use them exclusively.

Evan, did you run the seat specifically to improve comfort or handling or just to experiment? I know the DR guys have been playing with them.

I actually didn’t have any specific intentions of running that seat in particular. Rather, it was just what was mounted in the kart that I used. The seat was comfortable, and the kart worked well throughout the weekend, so I had no need to experiment with anything different. I see them go back and forth between the NEK and the Tillett these days, so I’m not sure what causes them to go with one or the other.

I will say that rigidity is an important factor when selecting any seat for a kart, and should be taken into account when switching away from the default seat used by the manufacturer.

Also, for you stock moto users out there, be sure you are running a stator cover, otherwise you’ll get a hole chewed in the side of your suit! :laughing:

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I’m in a similar boat as you at 6’1" and 210lbs. My torso is long and I stick up out of the seat quit a bit. My kart is second hand that came with a G-seat and I fit into it, but I feel like it could cradle my torso more and give me some more support. It’s also to wide for my hips and I’m guessing the previous owner as it cracked on one side right at the hip joint location. I’m 35 and would like to keep my back in tack as much as possible. Stupid youth can be murder on the back. The Ribtect seats and vests look nice, I’ll be looking into them.

Any ideas where I can get a seat fitting around Boston, MA?

Sorry I can’t help you there but I didn’t have a fitting either, I just used a sewing measuring tape, wore all of my gear in my living room and checked and double checked the dimensions of the Ribtect options. I also compared the measurements to the Tillet seat that I had with it off of the kart, sitting in it on the floor. In the end it paid off and fit great!

Awesome, do you use the Ribtech vest also? Do you have fiberglass or carbon seat?

I have the Ribtect vest as well, I bought the Ribtect fiberglass seat in Large Tall (LT) size. I’m 190lbs, 6’0" tall, 30" pants inseam length, the rest of my height is all torso :joy:

What makes them modular, exactly?

Rob give George at ApexKartSport a call, he’s in North Reading. ‭(978) 479-7974‬

What size Ribtech vest did you get? They don’t say where to measure around the torso. I’m normally size 42 jacket, I’m guessing that a size 42 vest will fit me.

From my understanding, they are calling them modular when using another material besides fiberglass to stiffen the seat. ie: NEK w/ carbon fiber reinforcements and Jecko w/ the closedge injection.

Well, that’s not very modular.

There was also a seat advertised where you could change the “stiffness” by changing a bracket looking thing on the side. Not sure what it was called but that is what i tool to be modular.
Although I can see why the others may be called modular.

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