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I have been waiting 4 days over weekend for my mondokart order and it just says ready for shipment and doesent say what carrier it is gonna be deliverd by. have you guys orderd form there

Yes, the status updates from Mondokart have been confusing for me as well, but the products always showed up surprisingly on time or very soon thereafter. My advice, is be patient and expect your product to arrive sooner than later.

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Well you can’t count the two days because they don’t ship on the weekend. Depending on when you ordered, and the time difference, it could technically only be one business day that they have the order ready for shipment.

Without knowing what the labor situation is like over there for carriers, they could be having fewer pickups at the shop.

If you are in the US, make a habit of ordering Sunday evening and you’ll have it by Wednesday or Thursday for sure.

We order from Mondo all the time.

Im from sweden.!! And i usaually buy from other shops but i wanted to try mondo. I orderd on thuesday last week

How is it with delivery i put my adress. Will they drop it off there or do they drop it at a local pickup

I would contact Mondo if you have questions on their services.


My last order took 3 days to ready but was delivered across the world to here in NZ once with the carrier in 7 days so 10 days total. Their stuff is delivered by DHL normally.

I normally use - always been happy with their service.

Do you know any more kart shops with good prices?

I do not, I tend to value service over cheapness anyways, if I find a store that sells stuff at a price I’m happy with and their service is good I tend not to look around.

I’ve used a lot because their service is super, wrightkarts in uk couple of times same reason - those guys even delivered a box of oil to one of our aircraft that was stopping overnight not far from them. Amazing service.

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Yah they have a lot of nice stuff for good price. But rn im looking for a bell kc7 cmr helmet for the best price but unfortunatly they dont have bell

Try demon tweeks 20 char