Mondokart Automatic Kart Trolley - any owners?

Anyone tried the Mondokart Automatic Kart Trolley? It’s not that expensive, but I’m wondering if it can handle a kart that weighs about 200lbs.

i first i will say that im very happy with mondo as a customer , but the Semi - automatic stand is a no-no - option for me .

after 3 or 4 times lift kart moves the main bracket twisted and lost his shape . all the weldings is very weak and we have to replace it with something custom that we made in the garage .

the manual mechanism for lift the karts was also a very cheap and bad one and i had a very difficult time to lift the kart until the midlle of the course till i get it on a straight position .

I hope that the automatic maybe is better . But i believe they come from the same manufactorer .

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I’ve got the Mondo Kart automatic trolley. It works, able to pick up 200lbs+ kart without issue. My battery is only good for 1 day ~ 10 lifts max. It does feel a bit clunky, parts get loose regularly. After having it for 2 years, I still think I should have bought the Dalmi aluminium at almost double the price. Actively looking for a Stone trolley now and will likely replace it with that.

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thanks for the feedback! i’ll probably skip it.