Mondokart Magnesium rim

Anybody has any experience with Mondokart rims? It looks really identical to OTK MXJ, they also have the black version which looks exactly the same. Tempting to get a set and see, thoughts?

Looks most similar to Douglas Low Volume in terms of design, which is an ok all-around wheel. The unknown with a wheel this cheap is the casting quality, and how easily they may break/bend/crack.


The few sets I’ve seen around here have been fine. Saw a couple fall off a shelf and not crack, so they aren’t brittle. One had a pinhole leak that was fixed with epoxy, but you get that with Douglas, too.

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We have a set of rears from Mondokart, it seems like they are good on the warm sticky tracks. Quality is okay, only thing that tends to annoy me is the position of the valves.

i have 2 sets for practise only bad thing is that the paint easly falls off and becomes like silver but its only visuals my douglas rims are a bit better with paint and have a bit more grip