More winter fun

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Ice karting is on the bucket list! They also do that up at OVRP on a lake once a year, I think.

Not quite the same, but this is the most fun race I have ever raced.

They did an article on my track too :joy:
Never contacted me, never even asked for
money… They also used a bunch of images not from our track.

But I got 4000 enquiries in five days and like 30,00 hits to our website :open_mouth:
I am not going to complain.

The track melted a couple of weeks ago, and it’s melting again today. #JustIceKartingProblems

Nice looking layout.

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Yeah that one was on a lake about 40mins north of mlps. I think it’s lake Martha. Group of motorcycle guys plow a track there each year. Problem is that they are only allowed run on Sunday because of neighbor complaints.

I did take a rental out there but it was way too melty at the time.

DAMN IT! Me and my family just arrived from a trip to see some family members in Colorado Springs. TSA probably wouldn’t allow a kart on any passenger airliner, though. :frowning:

It’s a rental track, they have CRGs with 206’s. Not sure if they are open yet this season though.


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