Most Common Hardware for KA100 and OTK Chassis

I know this is probably asking for a lot but I am currently in the process of building my tool box for the paddock. I run a ka100 and an OTK Chassis and was wondering if anyone knew the most common hardware sizes (i.e. nuts, bolts, screws, washers…) for me to keep a lot of in my paddock tool cart. Or just any other general advice of things to ALWAYS have on hand. (I know there are threads for kart tools but I couldn’t find anything on specifically ka100 and otk related threads)

Hardware. Just lots of random crap that I unfortunately can’t be more specific

KA. Diaphragm kits. Spark plugs. Clutch driver. Reed cage gaskets. Throttle return springs. Exhaust springs. Spare egt probe.

Otk. Grub screws. Front seat mounts. Steering wheel hub bolts. Front pill adjuster tool. Neutral pills.

That’s the quick off the top of the head list.

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Socket-head cap screws class 10.9
M6x1.00 25 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm
M8x1.25 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm
M10x1.50 35 mm (engine clamps)
Hex-head cap screws class 8.8
M6x1.00 25 mm
M10x1.50 100 mm (engine pusher bolt)
Flathead cap screws class 8.8
M8x1.25 40mm
M6x1.00 Nyloc
M6x1.00 plain
M8x1.25 Nyloc
M8x1.25 special wheel nuts, your choice of Allen nuts, copperplate, or titanium 10mm hex
M10x1.5 plain
M6 x 12 mm
M6 x 25 mm
M8 x 16 mm hardened
M8 x 35 mm fender washers for seats
M14 x 28 mm plain washers (mount your seats using a Musgrave Joint which is a M8 flathead capscrew bolted through an M14 plain washer)

One box is 100 parts and will last around a decade. Buy them from Metrics Unlimited in Warren, Michigan or from Grattan Fasteners.


Bring a steering shaft and a couple of tie-rods.