Most durable clutch for KT100S?

Hi, I have bought a kart for use around a dirt track at home. It has a clutch but the pads need replacing. I was told the pads are 85% of the cost of the clutch. I also want to drop down to a 9T sprocket so was looking at a brand new clutch. I noticed there are various different models, strike, red clutch and maybe others. So my question is, which one is more durable as racing on dirt might be harder on it. Second question, is there a cheaper way to replace the friction part of the clutch? Currently it has a strike clutch I believe with a 10T sprocket.

Mike I had to look up the items you mentioned, I am guessing you are from down under, as the Strike and Red clutch seem to only be sold in Australia and are a centrifugal design. In the states the kt100 yamaha would use a pressure plate design with 1 to 4 friction disks and either be dry or wet. In either case clutches are a consumable item that aren’t going to last.

I would think that unless you have a real tight dirt track that dirt racing should be easier on clutches as the traction is less than on asphalt and once you are up to speed there shouldn’t be as much clutch slip.

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Thanks for the reply. I was thinking dirt would be harder on the clutch as you are more likely to lose speed around a corner and be back to slipping the clutch. A wet clutch sounds a lot more durable, I definitely haven’t seen that here but will have another look. As for them being consumable I agree but usually I’ve found replacement friction material to be a lot cheaper. For example a motorbike it might be $60 AU but for the clutch I have its is $285. A whole new clutch is around $315 so it’s pretty pricey.

So you have a clutch pedal in the states? That would be ideal for me as it would only slip when you wanted it to, so basically last a lot longer.

You’ll want one of these. It’ll last the whole season.

I need to be able to start the kart on my own

It is tempting as it would save a lot of money and hassle. I could also run a 9T easily.

Are you allowed to fit a Husqvarna decompression valve to your engine?

No clutch pedal on a KT. The plates are squeezed as rpms rise. They can be adjusted with spring tension to get your engagement where you want it. I have no idea if the design of the 100S would allow these style clutches to work.

As for cost I get where you are coming from, but I think that is more a question of scale and demand not cost of materials.

If you were to go direct drive, just set your rear bumper on a slide so that the wheels are off the ground, start it, jump in and use your body to create motion to slide off the ramp. If you are doing this for fun you could probably fabricate a lever of some sort that acts like a skid plate to raise and lower the rears.

I can do anything, it’s just for around home