Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati 206 gearing

My son and I will be running at MCC for the first time this weekend. Question for those who run there; what is a good starting ratio for 206 Sr and Masters? Also, are there any tech quirks there we should be aware of? For instance, brake safety/backup cables, getting all our safety equipment teched, etc. Feel free to stop by our trailer and say hi… we’re usually pretty easy to find.

Hey David, I’m afraid I can’t help with 206 gearing, but my family will be at MCC in our normal pit spots right next to the scales. Feel free to stop by and ask any (non-206) questions you may have. Happy to have you visit the club.

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It was nice to meet you at the track Chris! We weren’t anywhere near as fast as we wanted to be but had a good time and enjoyed the track.

Sorry, I just saw this to late but in masters last race I was 18/65 on gearing but track was national long. Usually run slightly higher ratio (add rear tooth) for short track.

MCC can be tricky to learn, so no shame there. Glad you had a good time and hope you come back.