Mount seat with missing struts

Hello, this is my first post. First of all thank you for this community. I’m seeking support and help. I bought my first kart, I have identified it as a CRG Kalifornia with a predator engine. I have performed the following work so far to the kart:

  • Changed oil (my first time)
  • Changed the exhaust.
  • Changed engine mount from 0 degree to a 15degree base to have the proper clearance,
  • Adjusted the throttle linkage
  • Installed air filter (simple after having the 15 degree)
  • Reinstalled the floor with proper bolts and washers.
  • Reinstalled and lubed the clutch.
  • Bled the MCP brake system with dot5.

In my next step, I want to improve the seat of course. As you can see in the pictures, it is offset, and not angled. It is not uncomfortable, however I know its not the best position for racing, so I’m thinking about upgrading the seat. The thing is, when I dismounted the current seat, I realized the original struts from the chassis have been cut off, and resoldered only the left side to a different location. Im not sure if this was in order to have separation between the seat and the chain (which I can obtain and control with my new engine plate). So the question I have … how can I mount a proper racing seat in this situation? should I use add-on struts? or make a floor and put the seat on top of it? or any other ideas in the kind of situation I’m stuck now?

Greatly appreciate for any feedback, and yes, I can also take a “what a piece of … junk” I guess that’s what I get for buying as a newbie. I have learned so much by messing around with this kart, and also formed my “eye” or criteria, but now my next fix is the seat and I need expert help. Thank you!

You omitted a big parameter…what are you going to use this for? Backyard fun or do you have race track aspirations?

The former, you can do something about it. The latter, you are better off writing off, reselling it and move to something else.

Assuming it’s option 1, just backyard at low speeds, enjoy until you fold it in half kind of deal. With that perspective, I would cut off the left struts and re-weld them angled inwards so that the seat gets closer to center. For the right supports, weld two tubes in the same fashion. The chassis is not worth the investment in bolt-on struts or anything else beyond making it functional for low speed backyard fun.

The Kalifornia was a great chassis from CRG btw, historically very significant (iconic). What you have here, unfortunately has gone through a lot, so options are limited


Hi Andy, thank you very much for your kind response. I greatly appreciate it. And I agree, I missed to clarify my goal, and is very simple: take the kart to the track in the next 12 months for solo sessions once every 1 or 2 months (not often), just time myself, understand about the process.

I’ve never ever had a kart, always driven rentals and racesims, and with this kart I’m starting from zero, as I don’t have any equipment, gear, helmet, suits, trailer, stands, tools. So far, for the list of things I’ve done it, have been a process and makes me proud, because for each thing I have had to go and find the right tool. So yeah, definitely this chassis is a write-off for competitive weekly basis, which I’m not interested (I think if I get to that point, I will look for a different chassis).

I will look into the options you mentioned. Thanks again.

You may want to check with the track you plan on going to as well. I have heard of some not allowing Predator motors, especially if it has been modified to run more than the standard RPM’s. They may also require a safety check which may be an issue for you. The welding that was done on this frame would make using a standard clamp style seat strut a challenge to mount. If you can weld or have someone that can, I would try to fabricate some struts so you have at least 4 attachment points with the seat.

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Your kart resembles an oval dirt track racer, not a road racer per se. My son and I race a dirt oval and have a blast every weekend. If you think that is a good option for you, head over to the “Bobs 4 Cycle” web page, since that blog is oriented towards oval-style racing.

My initial entry to karting was road racing when I was 12 years old, and I always enjoy the kart pulse pages. We just don’t have an asphalt road track nearby in TN, or that would have been my first choice.

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