Mounting a Briggs 206 on an older Monza/Birel chassis

The question is if I can use a Briggs 206 (inboard drive) on a 08 ( to be verified) vintage Monza (essentially a Birel) chassis with 32mm tubes that has in the past been set up with a 2 stroke engine (KT100, and other similar motors).

The chassis is for sale from someone I met at the track last week. He has never used a 4 stroke engine on it.

I think I can use a mount like the Odenthal, although I need to bring my caliper back to the chassis to measure the center to center spacing of the tubes to verify it is 92mm. The sprocket would obviously have to be repositioned on the axle, which appears doable. The concern I have then is if the driveline components would interfere with things like the seat struts.

I may have to resort to borrowing a briggs engine or short block with a clutch on it and mock up some wooden plates on the frame tubes to simulate the mount, and then look at the chain line options that are available (and potential interferences).

If you are aware of folks doing this swap successfully on a Birel/monza I would be interested in knowing about that. Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.

I can’t confirm the years, but I have seen a few older Monzas with 206s on them. You may need to offset the engine quite a bit and then run the clutch outboard, but it’s doable.

The only other thing is rear gear selection will be limited due to rear cross member. Not a big deal, but worth noting.