Mounting lead ballast

Just wondering what people’s thinking is when mounting lead ballast.
When I was racing, my ballast was always as low as possible. I never mounted lead on the seat. I find it strange that people want to raise the center of rotation. What’s you’re feelings.

It seems like most will be on seat and sometimes on front of kart. We’d try to put the lead as low as possible but we’d end up making do with what space was available. I had to run 50lbs so it was a challenge.

It does strike me that there is probably a better way than what we do. Why not have some sort of weight box like endurance rentals or having the weight added to bars welded to frame? Slide on and off.

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It depends on your driver size. A very tall driver wants the weight a little lower usually to keep the kart from over-flexing in higher grip conditions.

A smaller driver wants the weight higher to make the kart work. I always start with mounting my lead from the top of the seat down.

IMO there’s no set rule.

100% depends on the kart, driver, tires, track and what you need the kart to do. Although with narrower track karts of previous generations it probably makes sense to start lower to control your lateral load transfer/jack.

Me, I just wish I needed lead :smiley:


All my weight goes lower on the seat. Sometimes we mount it high on the seat depending on we want. It’s all about weight transfer these days.

All my weight is around my midriff :rofl::rofl:

For those that do need weight, the team puts it under the seat at the front between your legs. Low and central. If there’s not enough real estate they put the balance on the back of the seat, but near the base.

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