Mounting lo206

I just had a quick question on how far forward or back the motor should be mounted or i guess I should say how many links should the chain be?

There is no magic position or chain length. Most of mine end up somewhere around where the bottom rear of the engine cover tin is in line with the front edge of the sidewall of the tire.

Same here, depends on your chain length. But mine is pretty close from bottoming out the rear stop.

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I think ultimately it woukd be about get the weight balanced perfectly front to back. I wonder how many have played around with this and seen any benefit.

It doesn’t matter much. Talking fraction of a percent. Better to have the chain shorter than get .25% front weight increase running the engine as far forward as you can get it.

I’ve done plenty of chain tinkering. We made a super chain to try and get more front end. #219 did not like 130 links but it worked. A perfect 50/50 split is generally not recommended by frame manufacturers. They generally say 41 to 43% on the front. Below, is a pic of the scaling app/