Mounting Seat Stay

Where would be best to mount a seat stay to this bearing carrier ?
I know there’s a hole to the rear of the carrier but I’m sure I read somewhere you’re not supposed to mount them there.

Thanks Adam.

I believe that the most effect from the stay is obtained by mounting it fairly high on the seat, and then making the straightest line to the middle of the rear axle from the mounting point on the seat.

I think your best bet, to get the most out of your seat stay, is to mount it on the top hole on the left side of the casette (or whatever you want to call it)

You should be able to use this upper caliper bolt.

Thank you Alex much appreciated

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Hi Alex thank you for your reply
Did you mean the hole the calliper is actually bolted to or the empty hole next to it?

#1…you probably won’t have any room to get a bolt in #2 without the bearing cassette interfering.

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@ASmith Adam, a friend with an OTK noted that your cassette is installed backwards. See the threaded hole at the 1:00 position on the cassette? That should be towards the front of the kart. See below for reference and where the seat stay should be mounted.


Nicely spotted. I can’t unsee it now.

Another way of looking for it is to see which way the punch bolt is facing at the top of the carrier. Generally the head of that bolt (M5 allen head in this case) should face to the rear.

You’re right mate thank my mate said this too