Moving up to TAG 100 from L206

Moving up to TAG 100 from L206, what to expect???

In what aspects are you looking to find out more?

Well, likely softer tires first off. Most 100cc classes run CIK Hard compounds compared to say a YDS which is a CIK Duro. Huge grip difference, so learning how to drive on those may prove to be tricky.

I am assuming by TaG 100 you mean a IAME KA100 or Vortex VLR. As usual, there is no bottom end on these engines, but the midrange is going to pull a lot harder than a 206 could try, and the top end is around 15.5k-16k RPM. As a result of the midrange, be ready to really have to roll onto the throttle more gradually compared to a 206, you can spin the wheels if you’re too aggressive too quicky through a turn with one of these.

This is just general stuff, what specifically are you wondering about between the two classes?

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What to expect is more “whoa” intitially. First off, a lot more grunt across the entirety of the rev band. Where a lo206 responds in a deliberate but unhurried fashion, two stroke will feel like it’s trying to tear your head off.
100cc two stroke will pull hard up to about 13-14k and then will fall off, so you won’t get the fabulous top end of a 125cc but given you are coming from lo206, you aren’t going to notice.

Also, go buy yourself a good rib protector (bengio bumper or freem, Mike at DKC has bengio in stock!). You’ll probably want one as rib injuries are pretty common in 2 stroke as you are dealing with higher lateral forces.

I found that the low/mid on the vortex vlr was actually pretty good as compared to my x30.

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Driving wise and engine maintenance

Well we initially moved into and L206 after 9 years full size Modlite Dirt track racing, and my son got bored witht he lack of UMPH! in the 206 so we are picking up our new kart next weekend. just wondering about driving techniques etc and engine maintenance.

Top end midway thru season, full at end? I think TJ ran one last near and didn’t have to do top end at all.
Otherwise appears to be pretty similar maintenance wise. Also, air cooled as opposed to water so there’s that.

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