Multi (Dual and more) Engine Karts


(Bill Holt) #22

We have a “Open” class here in Aus that is basically for doing crazy stuff with Karts.
I was at a event recently where a racer had Twin KA100’s.
It was awesome, sounded great and kept up very easily with both a KZ 2 and a Twin reed valve. I’ll see if I can get a picture next time I see it.

There is now talk here of boring a KA100 over size to make it a 125 air cooled engine, and running that as a twin.
If only none of this cost money…

(James McMahon) #23

I’ve seen interesting combos over there like a watercooled FA on one side and a KZ on the other. Can’t say I understand the logic of boring out a KA when there’s sudams, 100’s and so on to play with. But maybe it’s just easier to get a KA?

(Bill Holt) #24

Electric start is a plus… lol

(James McMahon) #25

Dual B-Bomb (135cc Rotary)

Pic shot by Michael Bales (AKA Retro Grouch).

(Joe Brittin ) #26

Dual X-30s from Daytona last December.
Not sure where they race this kart if anywhere?

(James McMahon) #27

Welcome @joebrittin and good call.
I think that’s @Mynameismcgyver’s build. Not sure if he’s gotten to drive it much.

(Andre Molina) #28

I don’t think he blew up that one!

(James McMahon) #29

Mike at Dallas Karting Complex’s twin KF