Multi (Dual and more) Engine Karts

Let’s get a topic going with multi-engine karts…

I know twin engines were really popular years ago, and that they use them in road racing. That’s it :slight_smile:

Although, that aero is nothing I’ve ever seen before… Is this a sprint kart??

It’s just an old promotional project made by Algie Composites Inc. in Columbus Ohio. The guy who ran the company (Ian Algie) initially built it for his son, the prototype was then sold to someone else years ago.

They have tried to pitch the kart to prospective buyers a number of times:

At Algie Composites we’re about to change all that!!
Introducing the CarbonKart from Algie Composites

  • One Piece autoclaved carbon/aluminum honeycomb chassis
  • Swingarm monoshock rear suspension with ride height and two-way shock adjustment
  • Zero camber change weight jacking with full ride height adjustment
  • Integral fuel tank / steering column mount
  • Modular carbon pedal assemblies
  • Crashworthy nose cover
  • Four caliper disc brake
  • Full factory support
  • Optional rear axle diameters
  • Different engine options including gearbox and twins
  • Full downforce underwing with C. of P. and rear diffuser/vortex generators
  • Billet front aluminum stub axles and large inner bearing
  • High ratio rack and pinion steering
  • Small and large seats available

So the thing has a solid rear axle like any kart, but the front spindle has zero camber (zero camber weight jacking whatever that means?) Without camber there is no jack, so they better have come up with one heck of a jacking technology.

Anyways, with the company now folded and the prototype gone, let’s file that into the “looks cool but that’s pretty much it” drawer, where it will happily live with my long departed carbon axle.


Correction: Thought the company folded, but they have actually re-branded as Algie Composite Aircraft.

I feel I have to correct you here. Caster is what causes the jack, when you turn the wheel. I assume by zero camber weight jacking they mean the camber doesn’t change as you turn the steering wheel or that the chassis doesn’t flex so the camber doesn’t change that way.

I suspect it has two independent axles, just based on the fact it has two disc brakes, which would make no sense with a solid axle.

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Triple engine vintage:

Twin world formula (is it formulas or formulae?

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Panty-dropping twin 135cc C-Open

Capt. Jack McClure’s quad engine, octo carb drag racer:

This is probably the mildest kart he’s built too!


My 1962 Alley Kat II - Dual Rear Engine C-Open.

That’s 270cc’s of West Bends for power. It’s a handful to drive, way overpowers the tires. The tires are spec Vintage Karting Association, Vintage Speeds, around 75 durometer out of the box.

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This is my old twin engine rear kart

1962 Bug powered by a pair of 87cc heavily modified McCulloch chainsaws

a smaller B-Open Dual Rear. Still a handful to drive. I sold this kart, its now owned by another Wisconsin vintage racer and run as a single engine.

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There are solid axle karts with two brakes. It may make no sense, but it doesn’t mean that people won’t do it. :wink: This is a solid axle kart, I’m sure of it. You can’t run independent axles by supporting the axle at the first 1/3 of the length. UNLESS there is some sort of hidden bearing support under that square panel where the shock is bolted to.

I stand corrected on the camber :brap:

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Actually, it does make sense to run two rotors if you find you’re constantly smoking a single system with overheating. Maybe that was the thought here.

In the old days on the dual rear engine karts there were some karts that had an engine driving each rear wheel. Not very popular.

With my dual Alley Kat I’m running a huge vented disc brake. Not something they did back then, but I’m getting old like my feet and legs.

My dad uses a ton more brake than I do and small disc systems, he literally boils the brake fluid on rear engine karts.

Alley Kat 2’s brake system and engines


James, I think I saw the same kart in person today at the OVKA swap meet.

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Unidentified quad motor kart

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Dual 206 from Margay: