My addiction to karting

Been into this hobby for about a year now. So far…
A shifter 80 on what appears to be a track magic frame
A 212cc (stage 3 fun little build) on a margay frame
Then today picked up this Italcorse no motor.
Picked up the (running) KT100 as well.
*So far the questions I have about the itarcorse

  • height for rear axel- what’s the optimal setup?
    Badge and Model? Is the year made 2017?
    *Question about the KT100- can I run a slide carb mikuni?

I’m super stoked about the new addition/project

From Sacramento
Karting for fun,


Currently I’m running a flat slide carb mikuni on the shifter kart.
So would the KT100 take that style carb? Instead of running the walbro carb?

A track magic is cool to have. Sadly, I think it went away when Fausto passed. I worked for them indirectly in the 90s. Memo Gidley was the team rider at the time.

We raced the KT for a few years when we first started. I’ve never seen this done and not sure it would work. The stock carb needs the pulse from the motor to feed fuel since these are not gravity fed motors. I don’t know much about slide carbs except on a 4stroke motorcycle which either had a pump or was gravity fed.

Come out and race with us in that 80 shifter! We break the groups up by lap times into a and b group with tons of people brand new to karting coming out. Next race is 10/8 at bluemaxx. We’ve seen 20-25+ drivers at all the races and the group is very fun focused and everyone helps everyone

To my understanding the CH/17 is period of which the Homologation of the chassis expires. However some Homologations are extended beyond their initial homologation date. The stamped number at the bottom would lead you to actual production date. Maybe someone here has more knowledge about Italcorse production numbers than I do.

As far as swapping carbs, the Walbro is a pumper carb so you would need a way to feed the crank pulse to an external fuel pump to run a slide carb. Not saying it can’t be done, but there will need to be some modifications to the block to do so. Could be as simple as drilling a hole, tapping threads and inserting a nipple to feed a pulse hose to the pump. What is your reason for wanting to change the carb?

I would def enjoy that, have my boys 4th bday that day. Family first. Also, are there any regulations on exhaust? I put a FMF style spark arrestor/silencer on it.

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I think there’s a pulse line coming out the case already. Does not seem too hard to incorporate a pulse pump into the mix.
But I will try to work with the walbro first. “Rebuilt” the carb with new gaskets. Seems touchy. Does not want to stay at idle,
Even made a starter for the bad boy