My boy finally found his consistency

He’s been improving massively since the beginning of last year, i wouldn’t call him a total “natural” talent, he’s always been decent, but needed to work for it. He’s landed 4 or 5 podiums over the last couple years, and won most improved driver award at the year end banquet, but he was always let down a bit by his inconsistency. Well this past Saturday, i feel like something clicked in him, and he finally got the rhythm on track to nail lap after lap. On top of that, his fastest lap was only 0.8 seconds off the fastest lap of the race. Proud dad here, trophies aside, his work ethic on practice days has really started to pay off.


That’s a nice spread and of course one has to factor in traffic.

Have you asked him to see if he can verbalize what’s different in his head? Maybe he figured out something unusual.

Well on the friday night before the race, we practiced for about an hour and a half, he typically tries to white knuckle every lap, loves some opposite lock when he drives. I finally got him to sit on the sidelines and watch the fastest guys on track and see how none of them were sideways in every corner, then i asked him to go out and do a 10 lap stint but do it at 90% and focus on hitting his marks and minimal steering input. He came off, complained how slow it was, and when we checked his alfano, he was the same lap times as when he was white knuckling every corner. I think that was the moment he put it all together.

He can drive beyond the limit of the tyre, the engine, the car - anything else. If the son of a bitch listened to me we’d hardly ever lose a race.

Harry, I know you’re great, you know you’re great. But if the guy in the car doesn’t trust you we’re never going to win a damn race.

Seemed oddly appropriate! Haha


Haha yeah seems appropriate. Speaking of, i should make him watch that sometime. His first podium came in the rain, a guy on the sidelines that runs a formula ford team said “he’s fun to watch, he’s either going to crash, or be a lap ahead of everyone”.


Sammy, you are crashing the car!


Huh, I guess he’s figuring out that speed isn’t what he thought it was. It is kinda counterintuitive and it took me forever to understand that violence and noise is slow. But it feels fast.

So now to not get ahead of himself when the flag waves and find that same focus on efficiency versus effort

Jim look at that ! I think its time for you too to find some time and watch together some days of thunder vibes !