My Entry Into LO206 Actual Cost

(Ron Kujawa) #1

I’m less than 2 months into karting. I feel like I’ve been moving fast and learning a lot. I’m 51 years old, no racing experience other than sim racing Gran Turismo on PS. The purpose of this post is to document my actual expenses getting into this and hopefully help someone understand what it will actually take to get up and running.

Most of the costs I was expecting (kart, stand, club membership, gas, oil, safety equipment), but there were a few that were unexpected, like the transponder, lead weights, sprockets, extra wheels, needing new tires so soon.

Here’s a breakdown of my actual costs:

X 2008 CRG Kalifornia Kart $1500
X Used kart stand $125
X Mychron lap time computer used $430
X Helmet (Amazon) $108
X Neck brace (Amazon) $30
X Gloves (Home Depot work gloves) $12
X Leather jacket free (bought 33 years ago in high school)
X PKRA club membership incl unlimited free practice $540
X Transponder bracket (eBay) $30
X 58 tooth sprocket (Amazon) $12
X Tool caddy (Home Depot) $15
X Oil/fuel catch can (Amazon) $20
X Extra set of used wheels $100
X New tires (local vendor) $210
X Tire pressure gauge (Home Depot) $5
X Fuel can (Home Depot) $15
X Fiberglass repair (Home Depot) (seat cracked) $25
X Tools - I didn’t have to buy any
() Lead weight $??
TOTAL: $3177

Other ongoing/consumable expenses:
Race fees $85 (race entry, transponder rental, 2 pit passes)
Fuel $10 a gallon
Oil $15 a quart
Chain lube $10 a bottle?

One other important area I had to work through was transport. I considered a few options, including using a local kart shop to store and transport, buying a vehicle specifically for transport, and a trailer. I ended up with a very unconventional method of using a cargo carrier and trailer hitch on the car I already owned, a 2002 BMW 325i. The kart sits on the cargo carrier vertically and gets tied down with ratchet straps. Fortunately for me, I live in AZ where the weather is pretty great, and I’m only 10 minutes from my track. If I had to drive further, I’d probably use a small trailer. My method also has the drawback of the kart covering my license plate and third brake light.

Hitch (Amazon) $150
Cargo Carrier (Amazon) $80
Ratchet straps (Home Depot) $20
Trunk support (homemade) free
TOTAL: $250

I hope this information helps someone determine what the real cost of getting into karting might be. Others have spent more or less, I’m sure, but this is my budget-minded take on getting into karting. I’m happy to answer questions.


Where are you located?

Phoenix, AZ

What age bracket are you in?

Masters (40+)

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mechanical ability, or willingness to wrench on things?


Talk a little about your racing experience so far.

Super Limited

(Dom Callan) #2

I’m glad you posted this because people always have this question and I’ve only seen one other fella document his costs in a post.

I’m not much further along than you. I’m on 2nd full season.
Here’s what I can add re expense. Please bear in mind that I race x30 which I suspect is significantly harder on fragile bits than lo206 (much more power).
What you posted so far seems pretty reasonable and you probably are done with the upfront stuff.

What I didn’t expect was all the stuff that wears down and needs replacing. So nickel and dime stuff. This race weekend involved replacing front and rear sprockets, new chain, new steering column.

So basically, add $50-300 per weekend for misadventures and wear and tear.

Basically, almost everything in your kart will be replaced over time.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #3

Yes Dom. I can’t find the post I made right now, but I basically ran a theoretical in what it would cost for running I believe X30 over the course of 4 years. Your guys’ input with what you actually experienced was very helpful, so thank you for your contributions!

Ron, I love your transport solution! Super cool and unique. I hope you continue with documenting your costs, it’ll be very interesting to see how different regions compare in running costs over a year or two.

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