My First kart

Is a new margary ignite or a used otk kart good for a fisrt kart? My budget is 2k-3k

Welcome Adrian.

The Margay is a good entry level kart but depending on where you will race and what class you will compete it might be outmatched. If you are running against other Margay chassis, its a great level field. On the used side… used is how most people start in karting and can be a good choice but you have to be careful with used as there are sellers that might be trying to unload a chassis that has problems (bent or twisted from a wreck, cracked frame, bottom of the chassis grounded away from bottoming out are some common issues). Either way, do you know what your local support would be? If your local or closest option sells a particular brand of kart, that is always recommended first as then you have someone that can help with parts and service. With that said the Otk can be a great chassis choice.

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I think the 2 kart brand my local track support is birel and otk.

Adrain, where do you plan on racing? What’s the facility and/or series?


I’d go with the Birel, but I’m biased. I have a new 2023 BirelART DR AM29 here at the shop and I’ll match the advertised Ignite price plus shipping on it if you want to go that route.

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OTK is good, I used to run one. The Ignite is great if you want to run the Ignite spec series races.

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How much would it be

This is my first year karting.

I cannot stress enough the point about getting a kart of the same brands as the local track. Track side support can make it so that you can keep racing or you are done for the weekend. This extends to practice days when there are only karters at the track and you have a higher chance of then having what you need if you are the same brand.

Finally, people will know how to help you get the kart tuned because they will have personal experience with it.