My new Karts

Traded my motorcycle for these 2 Karts,Birel Shifter with a Swedetech 125 and a new CRG DD2

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Starting off with poop your pants power😂 do you plan on racing or just turning laps?

Very cool, welcome to the addiction.

Those look like fun. Welcome!

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I enjoy powerful toys,I have had several Superbikes,done streetriding after 30 years.I did karting at AMP Atlanta Motorsports Park.I find karting more forgiving and actually safer than riding on the streets.I came from Upstate NY where I always did ride alongside in my friends racecar at Watkins Glen.One thing I’ve learned from my very little karting experience is that these are capable of more corner speed than what my input is.My motorcycle experience has given me a good understanding of Corners and braking points now I need to understand and transfer this knowledge to understanding what and how the Kart handles.I am going to use these 2 Karts as weekend entertainment.These are alot more upkeep than my motorcycles for sure.I notice that kart parts loosen up quicker.I will remember to ride to my own skill level and never try to push beyond my comfort level.

Did you get info from the previous owner on correct oil ratios etc? The DD2 doesn’t need much oil in the premix, but the CR should be mixed “around” 20:1, karting puts a lot more stress on the engine compared to moto.

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The CRG is 50:1 I believe the Birel is 32:1.I still need to get pads,tires for th Birel before I track it.

I was chatting with a fella at OVRP who had purchased an older shifter with a Yamaha! shifter engine. Cost him 1500 bucks and he was having a ball tearing around in it. So few folks in the amateur level racing them these days, the grid will be happy to have you.

I live here in GA,not sure if there’s any leagues I can afford.We have a shop at Road Atlanta and most of my Customers teach their exotics at AMP.AMP wants $75 for guests

That’s a good question. I don’t know that I’ve seen footage of shifter racing at AMP in organized races. Sure is an amazing place to drive, though. I got really quick at AMP in simulation on KZ shifter. That place, at speed, is breathtaking (and challenging).

I do the Simulator at Porsche,I got 2nd in the US on Nordschleife in Porsche 919 Hybrid Race Car.They didn’t know how to set up the Simulator at AMP for me.

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I rode the track on one the rental karts,very weak and underpowered.They were good for 55mph but had no power on the hills

Rental karts lack the power and grip. A 206 makes the same power yet on the right tires feels insanely quick. The sense of speed in a kart compared to a motorcycle is also crazy.
I also think if you enjoy racing than you should try out some lower powered karts to learn how to drive them. You’ll learn wayyyy quicker and be able to compete fairly quickly. Racing side by side is one of the greatest joys you can experience. It is very hard to learn in a shifter.
On another note, there are a few people who started in shifters and were still able to learn, so it is possible. Best of luck in your racing, it’s a ton of fun. You may soon find your motorcycle fund will quickly shift to karting😉

Yeah the sense of speed is way different I agree,my Yamaha R1 was fully tuned with a quickshifter.190hp at the tire it was insane,but I’ll agree the 125 cc Swedetech Birel is way more unforgiving than my 190hp bike.I really couldn’t pass up the deal 2 badass Karts for my motorcycle.I also have a spare CR125cc motor that it came with and so many different parts for the Birel.What gas do you recommend for my CRG DD2? Maybe VP race fuel with the 50:1 oil added.I noticed how much narrower ,lighter,and shorter the Birel is than the CRG.