My08 Leopard 125 vs x30

ok guys and gals i am running a 10year old my08 125. it is running great and feels strong. but looking for a motor builder?? any thoughts.

2nd. how compeditive is my08 to the new x30. i raced last weekend with a jr x30 and was keeping up with him. can i run in skusa or no?? thought i was doing good with a 10 year kart 10 old motor and not being in a kart for over 15years. i am doing all this on my own and my dad is my mechanice. just running club stuff for now. but i dont have the cash to get a x30 or new ka100. and i dont want to run 4cyl. nothing wrong with i am just a 2cyl guy :slight_smile: just looking for help thoughts and ideas. thank you for your help

Where are you located?

SKUSA is x30 only now. Most local tracks of course will have a place for the MY08 and other Leopards.

Since you have the Leopard, plan running locally and an x30 in your budget… you’re options are limited :smiley:

So I say get the Leopard you have refreshed, spend some money on coaching or other tools to extract maximum performance from your kart.

I can relate to this a lot. I been out of karting for 15 years as well. Now im back in it but by myself this time with a my09 and a 10 year old crg chassis.
I only done 3 or 4 race days this season and been a second to a second and half off pace. I been getting faster each and every time but so were they!
Im sick of playing with old equipment (especially the brake system). I opted to bite the bullet charge the card and get a X30 and a new design crg thats ment for tag (actually just picked them both up this morning)
I should have known if i want to compete like the good old days than just get proper equipment from the start. Expensive lesson but hey racing competitively isnt cheap! Lastly 2 stroke for life!

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The Leopard is a decent package if not over stressed. Ultimately it won’t be as competitive with the X30, unfortunately.

Either way, as James stated SKUSA or most major racing series would utilize the X30. If you showed up to anything above a club or maybe regional race, they’ll simply say you need a different engine, and that the leopard can’t compete.

Run the engine until it’s completely worn out, then re evaluate!

There are many great motor builders out there, too many to list. I know that currently one builder that does a reasonable amount of Leopard work still is jesus Vasquez of Position One Motorsports (California).


I am in Arizona. I race at pkra in Phoenix but I live 1 north in Prescott. I thought skunk was all x30. Just making sure. I loved karting back in the late 90 and early 2000. Got out for like 16 years and back to it now. Thank you for your input

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Right on. Hell yeah 2 strokes for life.!! Right on. Where are you racing? How are you liking the x30 ?

Great. Thanks eric. P one huh. I have seen them on the web and will hit them up. Thank you for your info. It is nice to talk to people like me that just love the sport and want to help

I race at oakland valley race park in New York, havent had the chance to try the x30 as i just picked it up this past saturday.

You can race the F Series Gearup with a Leopard, it is the spec engine in F125, 25-32 karts every race. It is a traveling series that covers NJ, NY, PA, and MA. First race is usually in North or South Carolina.

Leopard needs a 10lb weight break to be competitive with X30s. OVRP does not give weight breaks to engines.


I have a my08 leopard on a 14 year old Italkart and my motor was built by Woltjer racing engines out of Oklahoma. The guy I bought the kart from had sent the motor to Woltjer and they rebuilt it , broke in on the dump. When he got it back he never installed it on the kart. It sat for 12 years when I bought his whole operation. I did nothing to the motor only made sure it had lubricant. The synopsis sheet had it making 32hp @ 16000 rpm. The motor was extremely strong for as old as it is. I’m new to competitive racing, but the more I pushed it the more it went. I chased down a few x30’s with it. I’m going to run it again this year and really looking forward to it. So I’m recommending Woltjer engines for the work. And yes it can compete if tuned right.

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Thanks. I am trying to sell my leopard now. But thank you for the info. I just got a new ka100 from p1. Just moving to another class now

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Do you still have use sheet? Id be super curious to see it. That sounds like a very optimistic peak HP number as well as the RPM it’s occuring at. Typically peak power happens somewhere around the 10-12K mark for 100/125cc single speed engines.

I don’t think I have ever seen a leopard field at etown or NJMP. I do see them mixed in with the other engines. There’s a spec series?

He’s referring to the GearUp Challenge, not the NJ State Championship that you participate in. GearUp has a spec Leopard class - Formula 125 - in addition to Formula TaG. F125 was the most populated class on average in 2018.

Wow. Did not know that. Thanks!

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I have just gotten into karting this year after a lifetime of bikes. My first Kart was an Arrow Ax9 with a leopard, I then bought an Arrow X4 rolling chassis and an X30 with all updates that I purchased separately, then just two weeks ago bough An Arrow X1 with another Leopard!

I’ve still got all 3 Karts so my brother and stepdad can come along to practice days for a bit of fun.

We have a nice undulating local track with some nice turns and a 100kph+ (60mph+) main strait.

We generally swap Karts around every other session and I’m very impressed with the leopards competitiveness with the X30!

The Ax9 Leopard has the broadest power band, great bottom end good mid and great top.

The X1 Leopard is a bit flat down the bottom builds into a strong mid and pulls super hard up top!

The X4 running the X30 is probably the strongest (ever so slightly) but it’s bottom end is nonexistent, kicks in quite hard in the mid and pulls very hard and fast into the upper mid in a very flat linear but strong manor, does not seem to pull quite as far as the leopards…

The Leopards are both more torquey down low and also pull further that the X30, great engines!

The only difference I can see between the two Leopards is the Ax9 has a flex length of 115mm (measured between the flanges) an the X1 has a 90mm flex length! This would explain the difference in their two power bands!

Although the Ax9 also has some engraving on the cylinder so it may possibly have some work done (I’ll see shortly when I pull it down).

I love all three and none of them seem to have any trouble sticking with Rotax Max Evo’s at the end of the main strait!