Mychron 4 and autocrossing data analysis

I hope this is the right forum for this question.

Need some help on the way the Mychron data loggers works. I have a Mychron4.
I am under the impression that the data analysis portion of the device is based on the concept of a “completed lap” (cross the finish line, and complete a lap crossing the same point again).
I use my kart for autocross, and the start and finish line are not the same.
Is there a way to still use the data analysis? Using 2 beacon transmitters (1at start, 1 at end of course)?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

You are close. Most of us here race on a closed courses but Mychrons are used on Jr dragsters and other non-closed courses. Using two beacons sounds reasonable and the Race Studio 2 Analysis can be setup for open circuits. I suggest that you contact AiM directly. Phone and e-mail contacts are available at

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Thank you for the help!

AIM customer service is great!

Emailed them, and the have excellent customer service!