Mychron 4 beacon receiver placement

My beacon recover is place directly above the go pro. I don’t use the GoPro anymore it flew off and still won’t pick up the beacon. It picks up the beacon close but not far away. Any suggestions for better placement.

Looks like there is a lip curving up at the top of the faring. Trying moving the receiver closer to the middle of the faring.

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Thanks I’ll try it out

Your placement looks fairly normal. Is the transmitter running on batteries or is it plugged in? Do other racers have the same issue? If you are the only one with the issue, I would suspect that maybe your receiver isn’t working.

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I’m using batteries I’ve tried it with different beacons as well and with an external battery. I think you might be right about it being the receiver. I’m the only one with this issue.

See if you can borrow another racer just to verify that its the receiver and not something inside the Mycron.