Mychron 4 cost

Im in the market for a used mychron 4 it’s in good condition with all of the leads. what should I pay for it?

Around $200-$250 is a fair price in my opinion and I’ve seen a few for sale around that price. All the leads I assume rpm pickup, temp and magnetic pickup. None of the expensive interfaces or expansions

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Hey @Keisha_Pierce, welcome! I agree with Andy. I bought a MyChron 4 that came with RPM leads and a GPS module for $285 last summer, so $200-$250 range makes sense w/o GPS.


The price of Mychron 4 has stayed the same or even increased in the last 5 years.

$200 would be a great deal, $250 decent deal but $275 is not unheard of especially if the condition is good or includes a GPS hook up. In all honesty, it’s one of the few kart related items that hold value.