Mychron 4 GPS accuracy

How accurate is a mychron 4 GPS system, I might be able to come across one for cheap so i was just wondering if its worth it to upgrade or if its just not worth it anymore

I have a Mychron 4 with GPS attachment for one of my karts and it works for me. In terms of being a lap-timer, it’s definitely fine. For data purposes, in terms of accuracy of exact location on track, it’s probably not perfectly accurate, but even for those purposes it is still useful for me (when looking at Race Studio the plotted lines on the track look like they are more or less showing up in the right places, but I also know that there’s a margin of error there).

Bottomline is that I know that it’s not 100% perfect, but I’ve also never been left feeling like I was really missing anything that really mattered for how I use the data or as a lap timer.

good to know, i already have an IR receiver for it so i will continue to use that for laptimes, its good to know that its accurate for what you need though

Fyi, but you may want to confirm in the manual that you can use the ir receiver and the gps simultaneously. I feel like that might not be the case, but am not sure.

oh i just assumed you could but i will double check

For lap timing you have to choose between IR and GPS. You still get data from the GPS.

I’m not sure if GPS in the My4 is better today than a few years ago but I found that that the GPS timing was not the same the IR and the track timer; At times off by .25 sec. I don’t know if it was location specific but I never used the GPS for lap timing after that. Also, the time/distance plots from different days would not overlay without manually moving the start finish. If you use the wheel speed sensor, the overlays between different days will line up perfectly. I’m not sure that it is absolutely accurate but from a relative perspective it’s probably accurate enough for the average karter. In fact, Ryan Norberg might still be using the My4, this was from a year ago.

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